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We love our work. View our before & after braces treatments photos below:

Braces, extraction upper and lower 4’s, severe crowding. Treatment time: 31 months

Braces, twin block, severe crowding / overjet. Treatment time: 32 months

Braces, surgery, underbite, moderate spacing. Treatment time: 22 months

Braces, expander, forsus, severe crowding/overjet. Treatment time: 26 months

Braces, mild crowding, severe overjet/overbite. Treatment time: 22 months

Invisalign, elastics, severe crowding. Treatment time: 18 months

Severe crowding. Extraction of 3 teeth. Metal braces. Treatment time: 20 Months

Severe crowding and Open Bite. Extraction of 4 teeth. Metal braces. Treatment time: 27 Months

Mild crowding, Deep Bite, and Over bite. Invisalign. Treatment time: 20 Months

Moderate crowding. Clear Braces. Treatment Time: 14 Months

Under Bite. Metal braces. Elastics. Treatment Time: 20 Months

Anterior Crossbite. Clear braces. Elastics. Treatment time: 27 Months

Severe Crowding, Proclined and retroclined teeth. Invisalign. 16 Months since start

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