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DIY Braces Hygiene Locker Kit

School is back in session and out of all the kids ready to hit the books, how many have already visited Dr. Sharma at Aura Orthodontics? We can definitely say a fair amount of you since our office has been busy with all you eager beavers. Along with all the hustle bustle, parents are scrambling to get things organized and trying to help their kids have the best experiences possible – especially when it comes to not being embarrassed over silly little things. If you have a child in braces, you know that there are a lot of gadgets and gizmos. If you didn’t already know, sometimes it helps to have all your braces gadgets with you at school. So let us help you figure out what should be packed for your locker or backpack.

Now we know not everything on our list is needed every day, but in case of those “need” days, your child won’t be without some of these items. Plus wouldn’t it be easier to have them all right in one place?  In a cute little container, even better, right? How about when you are out purchasing all their school supplies, you also pick up a nifty container that they can decorate with ribbon, embellishments, stickers, and whatever else they might want to make it their very own.

Ok now that we have decorated the case, here’s the list of necessities to put inside.

  1. Plackers Orthopicks
  2. Disposable toothbrushes like Colgate Wisps
  3. Orthodontic rubber bands
  4. Mini toothbrush and toothpaste
  5. Orthodontic wax
  6. CVS dental water jet
  7. Compact mirror
  8. Floss threader
  9. Retainer case
  10. Mini pack of tissues

Having these essentials to keeping their mouth healthy and pain-free during school is so important in keeping them happy and free of painful distractions.

We know #3 can be a challenge, but you also know how important it is that you wear your rubber bands the amount of time that your orthodontist tells you to…or else? You wear your braces longer.

#9 is important, too! We hate it when our patients accidentally throw away their retainers or other appliances on their lunch tray. Keeping their retainer case will hopefully help prevent this from happening…and let’s face it keep mom and dad happy, too.

Here’s our recommendation to all braces wearing students: take a few minutes in the bathroom after lunch to check your braces out, or use your compact mirror at your locker. A quick brush (you don’t even need water with Colgate Wisps) or floss after lunch will make all the difference in the world in keeping smiles and breathe healthy and fresh.

And one more thing…if your child plays a contact sport after school, don’t forget to pack their MOUTHGUARD. Protect those beautiful teeth and lips from being cut or severely injured. If you don’t have one, make sure to ask Dr. Sharma about getting a mouthguard made during the next visit. They’re a mouth-saver.

If you want to share your stylized braces hygiene kit, take a snap and share it on our FB page! We hope all of our patients and friends have an awesome start to the 2012-2013 school year. Be safe!

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Dr. Vishal Sharma

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