Welcome to Aura Orthodontics

As soon as you arrive to our orthodontic clinic for your first visit, our friendly staff members will welcome you and invite you to chill out in our comfortable, relaxing waiting area. Shortly after you arrive, you’ll meet with one of our Certified Specialists in Orthodontics, Dr. Sharma, Dr. Lin or Dr. Koo. They’ll conduct an examination, take a few pictures, discuss your treatment goals and answer any questions you have.

Review the Options

Once Dr. Sharma gets to know your needs and has a diagnosis, you’ll get down to business and he’ll present you with a customized treatment plan including the best choices for perfecting your smile. He’ll clearly explain each option, go over the cost and outline exactly what to expect. You’ll leave knowing you made an informed, educated decision about your care.


Aura Orthodontics is Dedicated to Helping Patients Achieve Confident Smiles. It All Starts With a Consultation.

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Comfort Care Tips

From broken brackets to poking wires, we’ve got the information you’ll need to deal with the situation.

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