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A Proactive and Preventative Approach

Your little one still has their adorable baby teeth so you have years before it’s time to visit an orthodontist, right? Nope. The American and Canadian Associations of Orthodontists recommend children see an orthodontist no later than seven-years-old. This may come as surprise but it can allow Dr. Sharma to uncover issues before they even exist, making treatment much easier and faster down the road.

We’ll Keep an Eye on Them

Don’t worry. Just because your child visits Dr. Sharma doesn’t mean they’ll receive braces treatment right away. The age braces for kids is necessary varies by individual. Dr. Sharma will simply observe and monitor your kid’s teeth and let you know when the time is right. The service is complimentary!

In some cases, such as when a child has a moderate or severe underbite or there are other issues with the development of their teeth or jaws, they will require orthodontic appliances as early as seven- or eight-years-old. This will reduce the chances they’ll need surgery. Dr. Sharma believes in complete transparency and will clearly outline the diagnosis and next steps while addressing all of your questions and concerns.

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