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A Confident Smile Doesn’t Have an Age Limit

Orthodontics has become extremely popular among grown-ups and braces are no longer just for kids and teens. Considering a misaligned bite can cause headaches and jaw strain, make chewing more difficult, lead to a decline in oral hygiene and interfere with speech, orthodontic treatment can be the key to not only enhancing your appearance, but improving your overall health too!

Orthodontic Treatment has Come a Long Way

Metal braces are much smaller, lighter and more comfortable than you probably remember from when you were a teenager and they’re still an excellent option for our adult patients. If you’d like to keep your orthodontic treatment a secret, Aura Orthodontics offers clear braces and Invisalign, all of which adults tend to be great candidates for. Whether you decide to go super discreet or want to rock those metal braces proudly, Aura Orthodontics is here for you. Dr. Sharma will create a customized treatment plan to put you on the path to a gorgeous grin.

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