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How to Deal with Poking Wires and Broken Brackets

Having an orthodontic emergency? We know how inconvenient things like poking wires and broken brackets can be and we’re here to help. If you ever experience pain or there is an issue with an appliance you can’t fix, call our office and we’ll get you in for an appointment as soon as possible to remedy the problem. If something pops up when our office is closed, call us anyway and listen to the instructions on the message for contacting Dr. Sharma.

When your teeth move sometimes you’ll experience a poking wire. If it starts to bother you try some of these techniques:

  • Grab your trusty dental wax, pull off a piece and roll it into a ball. Take a piece of cotton or a tissue and dry off your tooth before sticking the wax onto the bracket and wire. Adjust it until it’s in the correct position and the poking should stop.
  • Rinse your mouth out with warm salt water if the wire caused a sore on your cheek or lips.
  • If the poking wire is the result of a broken bracket on one of the back teeth, you could be left with a long piece. Very, very gently and carefully snip the wire with nail clippers. Make sure you don’t break any other brackets in the process. Call us and we’ll get you in to see Dr. Sharma as soon as possible.
poking wire braces

Broken brackets are the most common orthodontic emergency and are often caused by eating hard foods, trauma to the mouth or saliva contaminating the glue during the bonding procedure.

Here’s how to deal with a broken bracket:

  • Once again, dental wax can save the day. If the bracket is in the front or middle of the mouth, roll a little piece into a ball and after drying off the bracket with cotton or a tissue, place the wax on it and work it into the correct position so it doesn’t irritate you.
  • For broken brackets in the back of the mouth, gently remove the loose bracket from the wire.
  • So we can determine when you should come see us, you’ll need to pinpoint which tooth houses the broken bracket. Count from the tooth at the very back. When you find the culprit, call our office and let us know.
braces broken bracket

Brackets and wires may cause lip and cheek irritation for the first few days after having braces put on. The discomfort is temporary and typically goes away quickly once you’re used to wearing them.

If the irritation is due to a wire or bracket, use the dental wax technique. Dry the tooth with cotton or a tissue, break off a piece of wax and roll it into a ball and roll it over the bracket and wire until it sticks in position.

If the discomfort doesn’t go away, call Aura Orthodontics and we’ll schedule you for an appointment to get your braces treatment back on track.

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