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Comparing the Cost of Braces to Other Life Expenses

By August 11, 2016September 7th, 2023Blog, Orthodontics
Comparing the Cost of Braces to Other Life Expenses

Comparing the Cost of Braces to Other Life Expenses

At our Surrey orthodontic clinic, patients typically ask almost immediately how much does Invisalign cost or how much do braces cost? Unfortunately, there isn’t one set number for the cost of orthodontic treatment because it depends on a number of factors including the severity of the case, the duration of treatment and the type of braces or appliances the patient chooses. However, we offer interest-free monthly payment plans for treatment so we’ll use a typical monthly payment for simplicity’s sake to give you an idea of how the cost of Invisalign or braces compares to other common life expenses. All costs are broken down into a monthly format.

Comparing the Cost of Braces to Other Life Expenses

Average Monthly Cost of Orthodontic Treatment – From $99 / month

Whether a patient chooses traditional metal braces, Invisalign or clear braces, Aura Orthodontics offers a monthly payment plan. We customize it to your needs.

Average Mortgage Payment – $1,821

Currently, the average cost of a home in Canada is $508,097. Based on a 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 2.34% using a 20% down payment over a 25-year amortization period, the monthly cost would be $1,821.

Comparing the Cost of Braces to Other Life Expenses

Food Costs – $684.83

According to government statistics last compiled in 2014, the average household food expenditures in British Columbia were $8,218 per year. Divide that by 12 months and you get approximately $684.83 as your monthly food budget.

Car Payment – $570

The average monthly payment on a new vehicle in Canada is $570 per month.

Rent of a One-Bedroom Apartment in Surrey, BC – $773

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Surrey comes out to $773 a month.

Electricity Bill – $90

Residential electricity bills for people in BC average $90 a month.

Dog Ownership Costs – $114.17

According to the BC SPCA, the annual cost of owning a dog is $1,370 or approximately $114.17 a month.

Starbucks Grande Latte – $118.50

A grande latte from Starbucks averages about $3.95 in the Lower Mainland. If you purchased one every day for 30 days you’d shell out $118.50.

Tuition & Housing at the University of British Columbia – $1,037.17

According to the University of British Columbia’s cost estimator, one year of tuition, student fees, books and a shared room on campus (not including a meal plan or any expenses) for a Bachelor of Science degree for a British Columbia resident would be roughly $12,446 or about $1,037.17 per month.

Comparing the Cost of Braces to Other Life ExpensesRecreation – $348.33

Canadian government statistics showed that the average household spent $4,180 per year on recreation in 2014 or about $348.33 each month.  

The thing to keep in mind when considering the cost of braces or Invisalign is that the results of a healthy, gorgeous smile can last a lifetime and have a huge positive impact on your health and self-confidence. Plus, at Aura Orthodontics, we make affording orthodontic treatment realistic with our flexible payment options and interest-free monthly payment plans. We even accept insurance if your plan covers it. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can make straightening your teeth work for your budget.

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