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Aura Orthodontics Surrey is dedicated to providing exemplary care for all your orthodontic issues.

Dr. Sharma’s philosophy revolves around a total dedication to individualized patient attention and care. From diagnosis to last visit, Dr. Sharma strives to provide a smooth path to a better smile.

Aura Orthodontics is committed to bringing you the best in orthodontic care in Surrey and Abbotsford. Choose from our wide range of expertise:  Invisalign Treatments | Clear Braces | Metal Braces

Dr. Sharma SaysWho knew that Dr. Sharma would look so good in cartoon form. Here’s a tip for you to share with all your braces wearing friends. It’s very important to floss regularly when wearing braces. Why? Because of the structure of many types of braces, tiny food particles can very easily get stuck in the spaces between your teeth and the actual braces. If you haven’t seen it yet, we produced an informative video on how to brush and floss while wearing braces.

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Braces and ConfidenceThe irony is that crooked teeth and other dental issues can cause confidence levels to plummet. But as soon as we put on braces to fix the problem, the braces themselves can also cause a drop in confidence and make people afraid to smile. While there is still a bit of stigma around visible orthodontic treatments, there’s no need to be ashamed of braces. The end result will be straight teeth and a stunning grin. Let’s delve into the relationship between confidence and braces.

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Invisalign ProcedureWe’re very happy to debut a brand new feature at Aura Orthodontics. The Adventures of Dundu & Dundi – a comic about the importance of braces and how they can help bring your story to life with the perfect smile.

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Some of the best smiles in Hollywood are the result of orthodontic treatment. There have been tons of celebrities transformed by braces. Fame and fortune don’t mean one is immune to issues like crowding and underbites. Can you guess the celebs these photogenic smiles belong to?

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Invisalign Procedure

Aura Orthodontics :: Invisalign Procedure: Jessica Dhillon (DJ Goddess)

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Aura Orthodontics :: Brushing & Flossing with Braces
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Aura Orthodontics is dedicated to providing exemplary care for orthodontic issues. Dr. Sharma strives to provide a smooth path to a better smile.

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