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5 Studies on How Your Smile Can Shape Your Love Life

By February 7, 2024March 27th, 2024Blog, Community

It’s February, and with Valentine’s Day on the calendar, love is in the air. That’s why this month, your Surrey and Langley orthodontists at Aura Orthodontics want to talk about how a beautiful smile can influence your love life.

Come on, do straight teeth matter in the science of attraction? Yes! There are actual studies on smiles and the role they play in social settings and dating. Let’s talk about five of these studies here.

1. The Magnetic Appeal of a Straight Teeth

A study by the University of Leeds studied smiles and first impressions. Researchers discovered that participants chose images of people with whiter, straight, evenly spaced teeth over images of those same people with yellower or crooked teeth. As the study mentions, this preference is rooted in evolutionary cues, where nice teeth are seen as a sign of health and genetic quality. It seems straight teeth play a big part in the science of attraction!

If you’re thinking your smile could be straighter, Dr. Sharma, Dr. Lin, and Dr. Koo have expertise in designing straighter smiles with clear aligners and braces. We’re even a Diamond Invisalign Provider, a designation achieved by treating thousands of smiles with Invisalign®.

2. Your Smile and First Impressions

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conducted a survey in 2014 that highlights the link between a great smile and positive first impressions. In the study, about 48% of adults believe a smile is the most memorable feature when first meeting someone, regardless of age. A smile is even more memorable than any other physical attribute or even what’s first said. This study underlines the power of a smile in influencing those all-important first impressions, whether you’re meeting a potential special someone in person or choosing whether to swipe right or left.

3. The Role of Teeth in Long-Term Relationships

Now, don’t get us wrong — straight, beautiful teeth aren’t just for first impressions — a nice smile in a man can play a role in the impression of long-term relationship suitability. In one of the most unique studies on smiles published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, aptly titled: Cool Guys and Warm Husbands: The effect of smiling on male facial attractiveness for short- and long-term relationships, findings suggest that men with attractive smiles are not only preferred for short-term flings but also more likely giving the impression they are suitable for long-term relationships, too. This preference is linked to subconscious perceptions of good health and reproductive fitness – key considerations in a partner for a lasting relationship.

4. Smiling and Perceived Personality Traits

A study by Kelton Research found that a smile influences the perception of various personality traits. Individuals with engaging smiles were often perceived as happy, loved by others, having great overall health, and professional success — traits sought after in potential romantic partners. This study illuminates how straight teeth in an attractive smile can enhance how you’re perceived in the social and dating landscape. From this and the other studies we’ve mentioned, it’s clear the benefits of orthodontic treatment can boost your success in the dating scene!

5. The Digital Age of Dating: Smiles in Online Profiles

In the digital age, apps play a pivotal role in dating. A study by the dating site Coffee Meets Bagel analyzed the profile pictures of about 300 of their members to find data about smiles and which got the most “likes”. Among several findings, their research found that singles want to see teeth! According to the app’s data, everyone prefers a toothy smile. Of the men who were “liked” more than 50% of the time, 79% showed their teeth when they smiled, while for women, 58% showed their teeth. It’s safe to say this study illustrates the impact of a smile and first impressions, even in pictures.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment For Your Love Life

So, what’s the takeaway here for your love life? Do straight teeth matter? The above studies say that straight teeth and a nice smile are valued, making a difference in first impressions and what others think of you.

But what if you need more confidence in your smile? Your Surrey and Langley orthodontists say don’t worry – it’s never too late for a smile transformation to help enhance your grin and your life. Take the first step by making your first appointment at our Scottsdale, Guildford, or Langley orthodontic office. Leaning on our high-tech and personal approach, we strive to make your braces or Invisalign experience enjoyable and efficient so that you can flash an attractive, beautiful smile.

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