Determining the Cost of Braces and Invisalign

By June 29, 2015 January 21st, 2021 Orthodontics

Determining the Cost of Braces and InvisalignHow much do braces cost? How much does Invisalign cost? These are by far the most common questions we receive at our Surrey orthodontic clinic. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer. We know, we know, you’d like something clear-cut but every patients is different and there are a host of factors that determine the final cost of orthodontic treatment. Aura Orthodontics will break it down for you to give you a better idea of the cost of braces and Invisalign in Vancouver. Here’s what goes into the price tag:

What Needs to be Fixed

Your specific orthodontic issues and their severity will play the largest role in determining the cost of Invisalign or braces. Common braces cases include crowding, spacing, overjet, crossbite and underbite. Different conditions may require different treatments. For example, mild spacing will be a lot cheaper, faster and easier to treat than a severe underbite, which might involve the need for additional appliances. The preparatory work involved in getting your mouth ready for braces, such as surgery and extractions, can add to the cost, as can follow-up care like retainers. It’s really a matter of how much work will need to be done.

Length of Braces Treatment

The longer you must wear braces or Invisalign, the more the orthodontic treatment will cost. While you’ll be paying for the extra aligners, brackets, wires, etc., you’re also paying for the time and expertise of your orthodontist and the office staff.

Type of Braces

There are a variety of braces materials and types of braces, including metal braces, clear braces and, Invisalign, and the price for each is different. For example, the cost of clear braces may be slightly higher than the cost of traditional metal braces.


We could hone this question even further and ask how much do braces cost in Vancouver? This is because location also plays a role in the price. While it may not be a drastic difference and it depends on the orthodontist, prices in the city tend to be higher than those in rural communities based on cost of living and other factors.


Whether or not your insurance covers braces treatment can make a substantial difference. Some insurances will cover a percentage and that can slash your out of pocket costs. You may want to call your insurance provider directly. Your orthodontist can help determine how much coverage you have as well.

At Aura Orthodontics, we think everyone deserves to have a healthy, perfect smile. Therefore, don’t let the cost of braces dissuade you from exploring your options. We offer interest-free financing and our payment options are super flexible to meet your needs. Dr. Sharma will discuss your treatment choices, the exact cost associated with each and we’ll develop a payment plan so affording Invisalign or braces is realistic. We also know how tricky dealing with insurance companies can be so we help our patients and their families file their claims correctly for timely payments without any hiccups. Contact Aura Orthodontics today and set up a free consultation and see how we can make Surrey braces treatment manageable.

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