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Harjinder Thind with Dr. Sharma on RED FM

By August 29, 2011February 14th, 2017Events, Community

Yesterday’s health segment hosted by Harjinder Thind on RED FM 93.1 was all about Orthodontics. And none other than Dr. Sharma was a guest, speaking English, Hindi, Hinglish (English/Hindi) and Punjabi – as always Dr. Sharma advocated the importance of healthy teeth and Orthodontics. If you happened to miss it here is a brief synopsis of the discussion.

Not many people know exactly what an Orthodontist does. So Dr. Sharma went onto describing that an Orthodontist is a specialist and different from a dentist. An orthodontist completes two to three years of extra training in skeletal growth, dental development and straightening teeth.

Harjinder Thind asked, “Why are teeth more crowded today than they used to be?” Dr. Sharma noted, “Many people lose their baby teeth too early and adult teeth become crowded because the baby teeth are not present to hold space.”

Something everyone asks and HJ was no exception, “Why should people see an orthodontist?”

If you have met Dr. Sharma, you know that he champions the biological benefits of orthodontics like straight teeth, clean teeth, healthy bones and gums, to avoid joint problems, avoidance of extractions and surgery. Along with the biological, social benefits include increased confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to enjoy a beautiful smile.

By having a free consultation with an Orthodontist, the problems seen today may be preventable at an earlier age. Crowding, spacing, crooked teeth, overbite, and Overjet can be fixed. “If your teeth are crooked and your jaws are not aligned – your teeth do not fit together ideally. When they do not fit together ideally, they cannot handle normal biting forces. Eventually, teeth can become loose because their bone support becomes weakened.”

Here’s a few more Q and A’s with Harjinder Thind and Dr. Sharma:

How do you avoid relapse?

“By wearing a retainer that keeps your teeth in the same place as the day the braces came off. When braces are removed we continue to monitor patients regularly to make sure that your teeth do not move during this retention period.

How is the cost of a case determined?

This is a question that is asked very often. Case cost is determined by case complexity, which includes the duration of treatment, and difficulty of movements, especially if extractions or surgery is necessary. However, listeners should note that the earlier (meaning age – the Orthodontic Association recommends patients come in starting at the age of 7) you come in for a free consultation the easier it is to provide treatment because we assess the plan dependent on how the jaws grow. In addition, we offer low down payments, interest free payment plans, and also accommodate patients with low monthly fees.

How are adults starting treatment these days?

“Definitely yes. With new advancements in technology, there are clear options, invisible options that make treatment more socially acceptable and easier to manage for adults.”

A link to the full interview with Harjinder Thind and Dr. Sharma will be added to Aura Orthodontic social media. Also a huge thank you to Harjinder Thind and RED FM 93.1.


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