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How an Orthodontist Differs From a Dentist

By February 7, 2014June 14th, 2016Orthodontics
orthodontist differs dentist

null Dentist, orthodontist, it’s all the same. Wait, no it’s not.

Isn’t an orthodontist a type of dentist. So what is the difference?

Dental Specialty

Orthodontics is focused on structural issues related to the teeth. Orthodontists, like Dr. Sharma spend at least a few years of schooling concentrating on structural areas within dentistry. Their specialty is in correcting the alignment of teeth and jaws.

The long years of study to become a dentist, become even longer for those who wish to become fully qualified orthodontists. After completing a five year Dental Surgery degree, the typically continue with a three year masters degree in Orthodontics. A regulatory body such as the Canadian Board of Orthodontics would then further test their level of expertise.

It is important to note, that orthodontics work in unison with dentists. You wouldn’t normally go to the orthodontist office for procedures such as tooth fillings or extractions. Instead, impacted teeth, underbite, and crowded teeth are the kind of conditions orthodontics focus on treating.

The job of an orthodontist is varied, but it can help anyone that has a problem with his or her smile, allowing you to look brilliant. When you visit with Dr. Sharma at Aura Orthodontics, your teeth will be looked at by an absolute expert in the field. Whether you have an overbite, under bite, or you have any sort of issue with the alignment of your teeth, they can be fixed. The first step to getting them perfect is to book a consultation appointment.

Teeth Straightening

Have you been thinking to yourself that it is about time you made a visit to an orthodontist? If you’re not happy with the shape and alignment of your teeth, then this is a visit that is well worth making.

At first glance, people naturally assume getting braces will be painful. There are a lot of misconceptions, including many false notions as to what an Orthodontist can do for the general public. With modern orthodontics, a lot of the pain and guesswork that would usually go into procedures is long gone. Advancements in technology, and a great deal of education has led to advancements that will leave you feeling like less like you are visiting a doctor and more like you are visiting the warm home of a friendly neighbor. Every effort has been made to make sure that any process a patient has to go through, will be handled with as little to no pain at all.

Most people agree that the ideal time to undergo teeth straightening treatment such as wearing braces is in your teenage years. But there’s no need to fret. The great news is that it really never is too late. These days many people are making full use of orthodontic treatment in their adult years and enjoying all the benefits that come with it.

You may still be skeptical, but rest assured getting braces is really a life changing treatment.  Let the world see that beautiful smile. You won’t just crack a smile; you’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Contact the team at Aura Orthodontics for your very own braces consultation.

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