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Our Favourite Dentistry and Orthodontic Blogs

By July 2, 2015September 7th, 2023Blog
our favourite dentistry and orthodontic blogs

Top Dental and Orthodontic BlogsThe Internet is awash in interesting websites and information rabbit holes that can have you reading about all kinds of things for hours on end. If you nerd out about things like braces, the best way to floss your teeth, and the latest advances in orthodontics like Dr. Sharma and his team do, this list of our favourite dentistry blogs will have you doing cartwheels. If you’re in dental school or thinking about a career in dentistry, you should seriously follow these blogs:

The Dental Geek

Dental Blog - The Dental Geek

Launched in 2009, the Dental Geek is a community blog that encourages participation from members of the Dental community to discuss and submit their stories. The Dental Geek is probably one of the best designed dental blogs out there and covers a wide range of oral care topics. They also often write about the business of running a dentistry or orthodontic practice. Did we mention we love their super cute and toothy/geeky logo?!

Dr. Bicuspid


Probably the most comprehensive dental website out there, (Dr. Sharma happily contributed a guest post back in January), Dr.Bicuspid features daily articles on practice management and new treatment options for a variety of dental problems. Additionally Dr.Bicuspid includes a massive database of searchable case studies, guest posts from thought leaders in various dental specialties, as well as community forums and daily dental news from around the world. If you have any interest in dentistry or orthodontics and you’re not reading Dr.Bicuspid, you’re missing out.

Mouthing Off


A great name accompanies this awesome dental blog from the American Student Dental Association (ASDA). Mouthing Off brings a decidedly younger slant on the world of dentistry, and their blog posts are often filled with advice for those pondering or currently in dental school. It also offers an interesting look into the politics of improved oral health (there’s politics about everything apparently), and this more adorable post with advice on how to care for your puppy’s smile.

Dental Town


Here’s another massive dental blog that you’d be well served to follow. Message boards, magazines, continuing education courses, blogs, podcasts, guest blogs, classifieds, events, and even the kitchen sink! If you can’t follow all those things individually, Dental Town has you covered with their popular e-mail newsletters that even come in multiple languages.

Dentistry IQ


Whether you’re interested in plain old dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, hygiene therapies or you’re responsible for running a dentist’s office, the Dentistry IQ site has plenty for you in each of those categories. Laid out nicely and mobile responsive, Dentistry IQ is ahead of the curve when it comes to aggregating dental information from around the web. Their list of dental newsletters from around the web is a perfect example that they don’t mind sharing the spotlight a little bit with other providers of valuable oral health information. Finally, if you prefer to consume your dental information in a more visual format, Dentistry IQ’s hundreds of videos on various topics are sure to satiate your visual consumption preference.

Ask Dr.Spindel


This a no-nonsense blog from Lawrence Spindel who runs a preventative and cosmetic dental practice in Manhattan. Dr. Spindel takes a mostly Q&A approach to tackling various oral health questions as well as questions about how to properly run a dental practice. From the more personal: What was dental school like? To the more dental issue specific: How can I get rid of white spots on my teeth? There’s no question too mundane or clinical that Dr. Spindel won’t take on.

Dental Buzz


Though no longer updating as often as they used to, the Dental Buzz blog is still full of fantastic dental and oral health articles in their extensive monthly archives that go back as far as June 2008. What we probably love most about the Dental Buzz is that all of their content is laced with a sense of humour designed to help you digest the sometimes heady world of dental health information.

Dentistry Today


Another fantastic all-around site dedicated to the world of dentistry and for those that still prefer glossy paper, also available as a monthly magazine. Billing themselves as the nation’s (USA) leading clinical magazine for dentists, Dentistry Today does well to keep an active social media presence alongside their blog which covers the usual gamut of dental issues.

British Dental Health Blog


From across the pond and our Commonwealth brothers, the British Dental Health Foundation has a fantastic blog (conveniently on one long scrolling page) that covers a huge range of dental health topics. It includes links to their monthly “Word of Mouth” magazine which they provide for free on their site in handy PDF form.

123Dentist.com Blog


For a more Canadian flavoured look at the world of dentistry, the 123Dentist.com blog provides British Columbian’s living in the lower mainland a more local resource for oral health. It often includes posts filled with fun activities and dental trivia like this fun post about the History of the Tooth Fairy.

Do you have any dentistry or orthodontic blogs that you like to read that aren’t included on this list? Let us know in the comments below or get shout at us on Twitter.

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