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Straight Talk

By August 28, 2011June 11th, 2016Blog

During my years at dental and orthodontic school, the focus was on ‘the best of your ability’ treatment of patients. There were no business courses or lessons on how to run an orthodontic office. Professors did not encompass business insight. In actuality, the teaching tenets were to be knowledge, expert orthodontic professionals, who prided themselves on model communication. The logic postulated was that ‘business creating’ details would take care of themselves.

Luckily, for me, I have met certain business savvy individuals who have helped to guide me through the forest of business calamities. Truly all the tiny behind the scenes hiccups have been worth the experience. A big acknowledgement to those who have had a steadfast patience in helping to get this practice started and running smoothly. Also, a huge thank you to all our new patients in recent months. As an Orthodontic professional, I can proudly assert that I have been able to help you achieve your best smile. That in itself is gratifying.


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