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Your Teeth Reveal More Than You Realize

By March 15, 2012February 12th, 2019Orthodontics
your teeth reveal more than you realize

The eyes may be the mirror of the soul, but it’s the teeth that tell about a person’s age, gender and such characteristics as aggressiveness, intelligence and sexiness. In fact, the mouth and teeth especially the six upper front teeth convey emotional messages and personality traits. Did you know that it is the teeth on either side referred to as the lateral incisors that signify gender and here more feminine are the rounded ones while straight edges show masculinity?

The next time you reveal your teeth in a smile, look at yourself in a mirror. The shape and appearance, colour and size of your teeth mirror particular traits that make you different from everyone else. Better yet, your teeth offer clues to your personality and attitudes. We laughed at some of the descriptors and can even surmise this to being called ‘teeth astrology’. Who would have thought, nevertheless – here’s a fun, yet quick summary and cool infographic to help you summarize your teeth personality.

***As noted, this information was sourced in the pursuit of a fun orthodontic blog. The accuracy or reliability of any of this blog information is not 100%, but more for a humorous approach.

Convex Teeth – These teeth signify someone who is talkative and rather boisterous. This could also be an aggressive person who will not take NO for an answer. When someone with this kind of teeth approaches you, it is likely you will immediately and subconsciously be alert and watchful. These kind of teeth favour women, as convex teeth on women’s faces are only moderately convex, which signifies a good life and someone who possesses luck.

Concave Teeth – This is just the opposite of convex teeth and is not generally favoured.

Sharp Teeth – These kind of teeth are sharp and efficient. Having this kind of teeth signifies someone very smart, especially in the technical fields of expertise. Someone like this tends to be mathematical and generally have a good start in life, but he/she may face obstacles and challenges later on.

Mixed Convex & Concave Teeth – Here the lower part of the teeth is convex, while the upper parts are concave. This is generally described as “upside down teeth”. Such teeth signify good eloquence – someone who speaks well and very persuasively. However, this person lacks career luck and could come to a bad end. This person will generally be left alone and at the losing end in any competition or dual. They lack winner’s luck and will always have to make do with coming second best.

Uneven Teeth – People who have uneven teeth – some small and some big, some sharp and some blunt – tend to be greedy and grasping – thinking only of him or herself. Such a person can also be something of a bully. His/her thought patterns and actions appear “unsynchronized”. This person can be very hot tempered, as a result of which he/she has troubles in most love relationships. Romantic luck tends to be lacking. Such a person should learn to control his/her emotions to create a better and happier life.

More Gum than Teeth – When the gums are very obvious each time a person opens his/her mouth, this suggests someone lacking in relationship luck especially with respect to family. This person is likely to leave the family when young. This does not suggest the person is not nice, only that he/she tends to be closer to friends than to relatives. However, according to characteristics, someone with uneven oral structure is not to be trusted. One should be careful before trusting such a person.

Sharp Teeth – These kind of teeth indicates someone who is proactive at work, always thinking up new ideas and demonstrating plenty of initiative. This person is also passionate and forthright. He/she has a good sense of public relations and will have plenty of social skills. Some however regard someone like this as stubborn, who tends to be argumentative and quarrelsome.

After reading the above, how do your teeth define your personality?? Still not sure, check out the cool infographic below to find out more.


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