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7 Halloween Costumes With Braces

By October 13, 2022October 18th, 2022Blog
7 Halloween Costumes With Braces

Orthodontic braces have seriously evolved over the past few decades. Today’s braces are much smaller, less noticeable and more comfortable than they used to be. That said, sometimes brackets and wires don’t necessarily fit with every Halloween costume idea (vampire fangs are tough to pull off with an appliance!).

Instead of working around your braces, why not try working with them? If you need some inspiration, the team at Aura Orthodontics in Surrey and Langley, BC is sharing 7 Halloween costumes with braces that are pretty simple to put together.

1. Luan Loud from The Loud House

Luan Loud is one of our favourite cartoon characters with braces. The fourth oldest of the kids in The Loud House, she’s a comedian and avid prankster. To pull off the costume, you’ll need:

  • A yellow, plaid skirt
  • Knee-high, yellow socks
  • Brown loafers
  • A white t-shirt
  • A squirting prank flower
  • A ponytail secured with a yellow scrunchie

2. Sharon Spitz from Braceface

We can’t forget about Braceface, considering the cartoon is set right here in BC. In the series, the protagonist, Sharon Spitz, is an 8th grader and, later, a high school student. She has strange abilities thanks to her electrically charged braces that get her into all sorts of situations. To dress as Sharon, you’ll need:

  • A blonde wig (unless you’re already blonde)
  • A barrette for your side part 
  • Jeans
  • A blue short-sleeved top

Sharon Spitz from Braceface

3. Ted from There’s Something About Mary

When teenage Ted picks Mary up for the prom, right before that infamous scene, he has shaggy hair, very noticeable braces and an old-school tux complete with a ruffled shirt and bowtie. To recreate the look, you’ll need:

  • A tan and brown vintage suit or tux (take a trip to your local thrift store)
  • A ruffled dress shirt
  • A bowtie
  • A wig
  • Bonus points: a friend to dress as Mary

4. Sid from Toy Story

There aren’t a ton of Disney characters with braces but, luckily, Sid makes for the perfect costume, being a villain and all. Sid is Andy’s neighbor known for tormenting toys. To dress as Sid, you’ll need:

  • A black t-shirt 
  • A skull sticker to put on your t-shirt (or make your own skull with the instructions here
  • Jeans
  • Black Converse sneakers
  • A black leather bracelet
  • A Woody and/or Buzz Lightyear doll
  • A large magnifying glass

5. Tootie from The Fairly OddParents

Tootie would be an easy DIY Halloween costume. To turn yourself into the plucky, Timmy Turner-obsessed, braces-wearing TV character, put your hair in high pigtails and wear:

  • A white t-shirt under a black vest
  • A gray, plaid skirt
  • Black tights
  • Black shoes
  • Tootie’s signature purple cat-eye glasses. 

6. Darla from Finding Nemo

When Darla visits her uncle, the dentist Philip Sherman, all of the fish in his tank panic. This is because she’s known not only for her braces and headgear, but also for accidentally killing fish. Luckily, Nemo escapes her clutches. For a Darla costume, you’ll need:

  • A yellow, plaid skirt
  • A “Rock n’ Roll Girl” tee or sweater (here are instructions for making your own decal)
  • A white button down shirt to wear under the tee
  • White knee-high socks
  • Black dress shoes
  • Pigtails
  • Freckles (draw them on with brown eyeliner)
  • A plastic bag with a Nemo toy inside

7. Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

Last, but not least, rounding out our Halloween costume ideas is Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. There aren’t many other movie characters with braces as hilarious and beloved as Napoleon’s older brother. And actor Aaron Ruell was so committed to the role, he had braces put on his teeth just for the movie! To dress as Kip, you’ll need:

  • A light blue polo shirt (tucked in)
  • A black belt
  • Khaki shorts
  • High brown socks
  • Black shoes
  • Oversized glasses with clear, acrylic frames
  • A cardboard sign with “LaFawnduh” written on it

Young girl posing in a witch costume for halloween

Not one of our Surrey or Langley, BC Braces Patients Yet?

If you aren’t a patient yet and are interested in straightening your teeth with braces or Invisalign®, Aura Orthodontics can help! Schedule a consultation at our Scottsdale, Guildford or Langley office to learn how we can transform your smile. 

And if you wear one of these Halloween costumes with braces, tag us on social media. We’d love to see it. We hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

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