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Aura Orthodontics Profile in DARPAN Magazine

By August 8, 2011September 7th, 2023Blog

Aura Orthodontics Profile was in the July/August issue of DARPAN Magazine

Aura Orthodontics is the newest orthodontic practice located in the heart of Surrey. Utilizing state of the art technology and custom designed solutions, Dr. Vishal Sharma, the innovator of Aura Orthodontics, provides the ultimate in orthodontic expertise and treatment options for both children and adults. Building upon a stellar practice history that includes over 400 complex orthodontic cases and a sincere desire to serve his patients, Dr. Sharma has created a practice where quality always comes first – without question. Aura Orthodontics and Dr. Sharma’s philosophy revolves around a total dedication to individualized patient attention and care, evident in the initial diagnosis and treatment plan formulation as well as every office visit.

Dr. Sharma combines impeccable credentials with an exceptional rapport to make getting braces a pleasant experience. His expertise includes all types of braces, including Invisalign and clear braces. Born and raised in Prince Rupert, Dr. Sharma attained his Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of British Columbia. With the lure of the city and an advanced dentistry centre, Dr. Sharma pursued dentistry and an orthodontics specialty at New York University in New York City. “I was able to attain an outstanding education since New York is a hub of dental research and the university provides immense opportunities to work with a diverse population of patients – all with a full spectrum of orthodontic concerns.” As a board-certified orthodontist and an orthodontic faculty member in the Department of Orthodontics at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Sharma also stays current with the latest orthodontic research and techniques to straighten teeth as quickly and effectively as possible.

While there are many dentist offices providing the service of orthodontics, Dr. Sharma is the only South Asian Certified Specialist in Orthodontics in the Lower Mainland. His sole speciality is treating the many difficult problems involving the misalignment of the jaws and teeth, issues that can lead to cosmetic flaws, dental health problems, and even difficulties with everyday activities like chewing and talking. He admits the idea of braces, conjures up an expensive, uncomfortable mouth full of metal wires. “Many adolescents and even adults are uncomfortable by the idea of braces or believe they simply can’t afford the treatment they need, and they postpone necessary orthodontic work. With all the advancements in braces, there are so many solutions, some which are price sensitive – there is something that fits all of the needs of patients.”

While the technical expertise of orthodontics is critical to beautiful and healthy teeth, the actual connection established with patients, the orthodontist and staff is imperative. “As a South Asian, I bring the added skillset of speaking South Asian languages – this really helps in educating patients.” Aura Orthodontics is quickly becoming a resource for patients, especially South Asians who may not speak English. “Our office’s ability to be interactive and curious about our patients and their personalities, all while taking the steps to achieve their desired results has enabled us to become like a boon for patients. It is a testament to why patients should choose Aura Orthodontics as their destination for treatment.”

A patient’s participation is one of the most important aspects to achieving excellent orthodontic results. At Aura Orthodontics, patients are partners in reaching their orthodontic goals. “We know there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and we give proper time and attention to matching patients with the most suitable orthodontic treatment available. We are cognizant of lifestyle, age, and also the financial commitment – we make it a priority to be approachable, proactive in answering questions, and create a calming, yet comfortable, cared for experience.”

Aura Orthodontics
Dr. Vishal Sharma
Tel: 604.593.5225
#104-12568 72nd Ave., Surrey BC
Email: info@auraortho.com
Website: www.auraortho.com

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