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Braces For Kids – What you need to know

By September 27, 2014July 11th, 2023Orthodontics
what to do about painful braces

kidsbracessurreyMany people are under the impression that children with baby teeth do not need to see an orthodontist. However, the American and Canadian Associations of Orthodontists recommend children have their first visit no later than age seven. The younger the child is, the sooner Dr. Sharma can take a proactive and preventative approach, even discovering problems before they exist. Adults aren’t the only ones who require braces treatments. At Aura Orthodontics we also provide braces for children and teens.

What Age do Children Need Braces?

The age children need braces varies by case. If a young child comes into the office it doesn’t mean they’ll receive immediate braces treatment. If braces aren’t necessary, Dr. Sharma simply monitors your child’s teeth until the time is right. The valuable service is complimentary.

What Conditions do Braces for Kids Treat?

Common cases that require braces for kids include crowding, spacing, overjet teeth (often referred to as an overbite), crossbite and underbite. Children with an underbite may need orthodontic treatment with special appliances as soon as age seven or eight. While the treatment is similar for adults and kids, early treatment can often be easier and reduces the chances the patient will need surgery.

The Braces Process

Aura Orthodontics offers free consultations. All patients are greeted by our friendly staff and made to feel welcome. Dr. Sharma will first examine and evaluate your child’s teeth. He will ask questions in order to determine the patient’s history. Typically, he also takes x-rays and pictures of the mouth to see if permanent teeth are still coming in and their positioning. In cases of braces for teens and children, Dr. Sharma then discusses the diagnosis, treatment options and next steps.

Treatment options may include metal braces, clear braces or Invisalign. In most child braces cases, metal or clear braces are used. The procedure only takes an average of an hour and a half. Teeth are polished and a solution is applied to gently roughen the surface to ensure the glue sticks. The braces will be placed in specific positions, a wire is inserted and that’s it! Dr. Sharma will explain how to care for the braces and even give you a call to check up on your child or teen. Kids will have regular visits for adjustments and tightening.

How Aura Orthodontics Can Help

Whether you’re looking for a kid friendly orthodontist in Surrey or a kid friendly orthodontist in Abbotsford, Dr. Sharma has you covered. Kids love our comfortable reception area and treatment rooms. They can even play video games or watch television while waiting. State-of-the-art equipment means efficient and easy appointments. Aura Orthodontics is dedicated to getting children excited about treatment.

Contact either our Surrey or Abbotsford orthodontic clinic for your child’s free consultation today. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to improve their smile.

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