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Dr. Sharma: An Orthodontist Proudly Serving in Surrey

By June 17, 2014June 5th, 2018Orthodontics
dr sharma orthodontist proudly serving surrey


As a resident of the Surrey BC area, it felt only natural for Dr. Sharma to set up Aura Orthodontics to serve the needs of the community he loves. He proudly offers orthodontic treatment in Surrey and helps residents maintain their oral health while perfecting their smiles. Dr. Sharma feels a strong connection with the city.

Whether patients are in need of braces, Invisalign or pediatric orthodontics in Surrey, Aura Orthodontics strives to make the experience positive, successful and stress-free. Why is the practice so client-focused? Dr. Sharma says it’s because of his ties to the community and investment in his patients’ lives. He truly enjoys building rapport with patients and their families.

“I love being a Surrey orthodontist, because the people are genuine, the city itself is brimming with culture and energy and it’s home,” said Sharma. “Whether it’s through hosting events or writing educational articles, I am devoted to giving back in order to thank my patients for their support.”

According to Sharma, celebrations such as the Canada Day event and WinterFest set Surrey apart and give the city a unique flair. As an athlete himself, he is excited that the city promotes and showcases sports including the Surrey RCMP basketball tournament. His own passion for basketball and soccer has led him to sponsor area youth sports teams. Dr. Sharma is firmly rooted in the Surrey community and loves serving such a vibrant, eclectic city.

Dr. Sharma is not only a Surrey Orthodontist for children, but caters to individuals of all ages, which he feels allows him to obtain a broad reach. Aura Orthodontics is centrally located in Surrey BC and easy to reach via public transit. Braces treatment in Surrey has never been so convenient.

As a South Asian orthodontist in the Lower Mainland, Dr. Sharma has the added benefit of speaking a multitude of languages to cater to the diverse residents of Surrey. Between Sharma and his staff, the practice’s Surrey orthodontic services are available in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Cantonese, Tagalog, Russian and Mandarin. Dr. Sharma is honoured to be a member of the community and wants to make sure he is able to meet all of his patients’ needs and goals.