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The Best 10 Celebrities with Braces Transformations

By December 8, 2020April 12th, 2022Blog

No matter how famous celebrities may be, they aren’t all born with perfect smiles. When someone has an orthodontic issue like crowding, spacing or an overbite braces or Invisalign® are often the most effective way to fix it, even if they happen to be a pop star or an actor. The team here at Aura Orthodontics has combed through the braces and Invisalign before and after photos of some of our favorite stars and we’re sharing 10 of the best celebrity braces transformations

Emma Stone – Emma Stone wasn’t just one of the celebrities with braces, she actually had two-phase orthodontic treatment. In a 2011 interview, the star said she sucked her thumb until she was 11 and had to wear an orthodontic expander followed by braces. Given that she had a more complex case and now has such a well-known, megawatt smile, we’d say she is definitely among the best celebrity braces transformations.

Justin Bieber – Justin Bieber is one of many celebrities who used Invisalign to straighten their teeth. The singer had crowding and wore clear aligners to create ideal spacing between his pearly whites. He achieved excellent Invisalign results and is currently the owner of one of the best celebrity smiles.

Venus Williams – There are plenty of famous athletes with braces and Venus Willaims was one of them. While both Williams’ sisters experienced braces transformations, she started treatment before Serena. You’ll find plenty of braces before and after photos, as well as photos of her during treatment online, because even though she had orthodontic concerns, she never held back from smiling. 

Serena Williams – Like her sister, Serena Williams joins the ranks of the famous people who wore braces, however, she’s also one of the celebrities who used Invisalign. That’s right, the tennis powerhouse had both braces and Invisalign. Serena Williams wore braces during her teenage years and then, later in life, turned to Invisalign to further touch up her smile. 

Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus sometimes gets left off lists of celebrities who wore braces even though she had one of the most dramatic braces transformations. Why? Well, she had lingual braces during her time starring in Hannah Montana, so her treatment was under wraps. Lingual braces are braces that are placed behind the teeth and aren’t visible. It’s also been reported that Cyrus got porcelain veneers as well. Whatever the route she took to get there, she now has a straight, healthy smile. 

Dakota Fanning – Of course, it’s not uncommon to see child actors with braces and Dakota Fanning was one of them. She didn’t shy away from talking about it either. Dakota Fanning’s braces and teeth were the topic of many interviews and she even showed off her headgear on TV. When it comes to dramatic celebrity braces before and after cases, she ranks high on the list. 

Prince Harry – Prince Harry had another of the best celebrity braces transformations. He had braces during his teen years, as did his brother William. Now he smiles with confidence and it’s a good thing too since his smile has been talked about so frequently over the years. At one point, a statement had to be released to say that, yes, Prince Harry has a permanent retainer behind his lower teeth after it was spotted while he smiled at an event and dissected by the media. 

Kendall Jenner – Like Serena Williams, Kendall Jenner is a celebrity who used Invisalign after having braces treatment first. Jenner had braces when she was 13 and then got Invisalign at age 17 to make some minor corrections. 

Ariel Winter Ariel Winter’s braces can be spotted on season two of Modern Family. The star actually said it was tough to have braces and grow up in front of the camera. We’re sure now that she has such a fantastic smile, she found her braces treatment worth it! 

Niall Horan – And, for our last of the celebrities with braces who had a notable transformation, we have former One Direction member, Niall Horan. Horan wore clear braces and even tweeted his braces before and after photos to show fans how far his smile had come thanks to orthodontic treatment. 

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