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What are Vivera Invisalign Retainers?

By January 20, 2022May 3rd, 2022Blog, Orthodontics
vivera invisalign

At Aura Orthodontics, we’re all about giving our patients options, so they feel comfortable and happy with their appliance and that includes their retainer after Invisalign or braces. That’s why we’re now offering Vivera retainers in Surrey and Langley, BC at our offices. These clear plastic retainers are from the makers of Invisalign and look and feel similar to Invisalign aligners.

In this post, we’ll answer:

  • What is a Vivera Invisalign retainer?
  • Invisalign vs. retainer: What’s the difference?
  • What types of retainers do you offer at Aura Orthodontics?
  • What are the benefits of Vivera retainers?
  • How does the Vivera retainers process work?
  • How long do I have to wear my Invisalign retainer?
  • How do I clean Invisalign retainers?

What is a Vivera Invisalign Retainer?

As we said, Vivera retainers are from the makers of Invisalign. The custom, removable retainers are fabricated from a clear, durable, thermoplastic material. They’re discreet and fit over your teeth like a comfortable mouthguard. 

As with any type of orthodontic retainer, wearing your Vivera retainers after Invisalign or braces treatment is crucial. When you’re in the active phase of your orthodontic treatment, which is when we’re shifting the teeth into place with braces or aligners, the bone and tissues that support the teeth break down so that the teeth can move where we direct them. 

When you’re finished with your braces or aligners, it takes time for new bone to form and the ligaments to tighten back up to secure your teeth. Wearing a retainer holds the teeth in their final position while this happens, locking in your results. If you don’t wear a retainer after treatment, your teeth will shift back towards their old positions. 

Invisalign vs. Retainer: What’s the Difference?

When comparing Invisalign vs. a retainer, the difference is that the aligners are designed to move the teeth into place, while your Invisalign retainer is designed to hold your teeth in their final positions. Both Invisalign retainers and aligners fit over all of the teeth in your arch and are discreet.

However, the retainer material is a bit stronger, because it’s meant to last for years as opposed to just a few weeks like your aligners. 

What Types of Retainers Do You Offer at Aura Orthodontics?

We offer both removable and permanent retainers at our practice. For our removable retainers, we typically only use clear, Essix retainers, which are plastic retainers. We have our own Essix retainers, as well as Vivera Invisalign retainers, which are Essix-style retainers, too. 

A permanent retainer, also called a fixed retainer or bonded retainer, consists of a thin, metal wire that’s bonded to the back side of the teeth to provide extra stability for teeth that are likely to shift. For some patients, a combination of a fixed retainer (usually it’s placed behind the lower front teeth) and Essix retainers is preferrable. When worn correctly, the combo ensures the teeth don’t move. 

vivera Invisalign retainer

What are the Benefits of Vivera Invisalign Retainers?

The material used for our Essix retainers and Vivera retainers is similar. The biggest benefit of Vivera retainers, however, is the cost efficiency. Because of our status as a Diamond Invisalign Provider*, we have access to perks that other offices do not, including being able to give our patients a special offer on Invisalign retainers. 

How much do Vivera retainers cost in comparison to our other options? When our Langley or Surrey, BC Invisalign or braces patients choose our Essix retainers or the Essix retainer and fixed retainer combination, we bundle the cost of one set into their overall treatment cost. However, replacement sets are $600. 

With our Vivera retainers program, the cost is $990, but patients get four sets of retainers instead of one. Since you’ll have plenty of replacements on hand, you won’t have to worry about the $600 replacement fee. 

How Does the Vivera Retainers Process Work?

The Vivera retainers process is pretty similar to the Invisalign process. An Aura Orthodontics team member will take a quick, comfortable digital scan of your teeth when you finish your braces or Invisalign treatment and a 3D model of your mouth will be created.

Dr. Sharma, Dr. Lin or Dr. Koo will then design your retainer directly on the 3D model and send their specifications to the Invisalign lab. The lab will print your Vivera retainers and when they’re ready, you’ll pick them up from our office. 

Since we’ll have your scans in our system, on the off chance that you make it through all four sets of your retainers and need a replacement, we can quickly fabricate a new set at any time based on your scans. 

How Long Do I Have to Wear My Invisalign Retainer?

Dr. Sharma, Dr. Lin or Dr. Koo will give you detailed retainer instructions with a wear schedule tailored to your needs. While every patient is different, most patients wear their Invisalign retainers for at least four hours a day, as well as overnight for the first few months after braces or Invisalign treatment. Wearing it frequently at first helps to hold your teeth in place while your results stabilize. 

You’ll transition to using your Invisalign retainers only at night, wearing them every night for about two years. For complex cases, this phase might last a little longer.

Eventually, you’ll wear your Vivera retainers a few nights a week. Do you have to wear retainers forever? Ideally, yes. Wearing your retainer a few nights a week for life will prevent your teeth from shifting and minimize any natural age-related changes to your smile that can occur. 

How Do I Clean Invisalign Retainers?

When it comes to how to clean Invisalign retainers, the process is like cleaning aligners. After wearing your retainers, rinse them under lukewarm water (not hot water since heat can warp the material). Then use some mild, unscented dish soap and a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any plaque, bacteria and saliva. 

You’ll also want to occasionally deep clean your Vivera retainers. Once a week or so, you can soak them in Invisalign cleaning crystals or another retainer cleaner according to the instructions on the package. Or, make a DIY retainer cleaner by mixing equal parts 3% hydrogen peroxide and water.

Let your Invisalign retainers soak in the solution for about 15 minutes, remove them, gently brush them with your soft-bristled toothbrush and then rinse them clean. 

Be sure to store your Vivera Invisalign retainers in your retainer case whenever you’re not wearing them. Since they’re clear, they’re easy to accidentally throw away. Pets also tend to be pretty curious about retainers and are known to chew on them. 

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